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I am Emily, author of "Emmy in her Element" where I write about my daily adventures experimenting in the kitchen, DIY projects,  and the sweet life lessons I learn from my 2 children, Benson and Ellie (or wild child hurricane, as we like to call her).
 Over the last year or so, I have started to document their childhood candidly. Benson and Ellie teach me so much through their tender imaginations, and desire for a whimsical adventure in each day. The greatest and most important thing that they remind me daily, is that we can create our own happiness through simplicity.
Attitude is everything.

 I love to be outdoors and visit new places. I love trying new food and recipes. I love to create.  And most of all, I love spending time with the people who mean the most to me, my family.

If you would like to CONTACT ME for advertisements, collaborations or questions, send me an email at emilysfarmhouseheart@gmail.com
You can also connect with me on my Facebook page and Instagram.

 In 2006 I married the love of my life and somehow through this crazy adventure of  9 years, we are still in love. Together we have two children, a boy and a girl (*UDATE and one more on the way!).
I started "Emmy in her Element" after many lonely evenings alone while my husband was busy studying to become an Engineer. I am very blessed to be able to be a homemaker and stay at home mother. I worked full time until the day before I brought my son into this world. While I do miss the social aspect of working in the public, I wouldn't trade being home full time for anything. Some days are extremely difficult but there is payoff at the end of each day in some way be it big or small.

I grew up around women in my family who have a passion for cooking. My mother and Grandmother have played a huge role in my desire to learn to make homemade food for my family, and show my love through preparing a meal to share around the dinner table. I feel that gathering as a family around the table after a busy day creates confidence and builds a firm foundation for family relationships. I strive to continue to learn about healthy food and nutrition, while adding a little of the good stuff on the side... butter, caramel, chocolate and warm bread from the oven of course! 

This blog has helped me release some of my creative side as I am able to share recipes, DIY projects, and simple, sweet life lessons that come from my tender children. Emmy in her element shows the pure side of who I am and the things that I love to do. I hope that you find something that you like or a recipe you enjoy. I love the idea that time in the kitchen brings families together whether it be experimenting, baking together or enjoying a home cooked meal around the table.
Happy reading.... I hope you feel inspired!

 All recipes are my own unless otherwise stated. Feel free to link to my blog, but please give me the appropriate credit as I have worked really hard to photograph my own recipes and creations!

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