Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Anniversary Questionnaire

Today is my anniversary! My handsome is taking me out to breakfast and I had an idea come to mind about starting a new tradition. I thought it would be fun to come up with a little "Anniversary Questionnaire" to document feelings from each year shared together. Feel free to (right click) save this to your picture library and print for your own use.
I think it will be really fun to go back and read these memories when we are 80. Ok by then we will probably rather have a nap.

I thought it would be fun to share both of our answers after reading each others sheets. This is was so much fun to do I hope you try it! Pink for my answers, blue for his.
1. What was your favorite thing that we did together this year?
  Both: Ran the Dirty Dash, visited the Hogle Zoo with friends and our family, Went to the Dinosaur museum and the aquarium for Benson's Birthday.
2. Name something thoughtful I did for you.
I like it when you do little things like start my car to get it warm, bring me a towel when I am in the shower and forgot to set it out, read to the kids in the evening and help them get ready for bed, and cook me something on the grill.
Baby me when I am sick.
3. I love that you still...             Just like you used to.
Open my car door for me when we are on a date.
Laugh at my jokes even though they aren't funny.
4. My favorite thing about our relationship after 9 years is...
 That we have been through ups and downs together and grown closer. You are my best friend.
How much we can laugh together and enjoy the same type of humor.
5. Name something that brought us closer.
Being poor and getting through school. Working for our dreams and working even harder when we didn't get them the first time.
Suffering through school.
6. I am different after 9 years. What is something that you admire about me after this long together?
I admire how deeply you care about our family. Many people want to spend time doing selfish things but even after working or studying all day, you want to come home and spend time with us.
How passionate you are about your hobbies, food/cooking, photography/blogging. If you find interest in something you jump in with two feet.
7. I love you for letting me...
Spend hours on my computer, go out and explore with my camera, and make huge messes in our kitchen trying new recipes.
Hunt and do gun stuff.
8. Next year I want to...
Have another baby with you.
9. This year I have learned it is important in our relationship to...
Date each other.
Take time to love on you and tell you that you are important to me. We need to appreciate you more and let you have a break once in a while.
10. You are the love of my life because...
Even though our relationship is imperfect, there is no other human I can imagine spending my life with and being as content and happy as I am with you. You have so much potential and I feel so blessed to be your teammate through this journey. I love you.
You are patient with me and take good care of me when I am an idiot. There is also {Inappropriate :)}
Nobody is a friend to me like you are.
One ride into the sunset, two babies, a few extra pounds, some learning, a college degree, many adventures, and lots of love- it's 9 years later and we are too legit to quit!




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  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Love your questionnaire - what a great gift to give each other!

  2. Thank you Farm Quilter! It was really fun. I hope people will try it in their own relationships... sometimes it takes doing things like this to get our fellas to say what we need to hear!


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