Friday, September 13, 2013

Make a beautiful centerpiece in less than 10 minutes

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I LOVE FALL... and anything that has to do with it.
I decided to whip up a new little centerpiece for my kitchen table, to add a little décor for the season. Its easy, cheap and takes less than 10 minutes to make.
You're going to need these....
1. A 33x33" square of burlap. (Its super cheap and there are a lot of cute different colors)

2. Scissors & a hot glue gun
3. Some thick lace and twine (enough to wrap around your cylinder and tie a bow)
4. An empty food storage tin, flower vase, or some kind of cylinder to hold your apples or flowers. (you can cut up an empty cereal box and hot glue it into a cylinder if you want to save $)
5. A small piece of string or yarn
6. Fruit or flowers to fill your vase.
Center your vase in the middle of the burlap square. Stuff all off the tops of the burlap inside the vase and use something to stuff on top to keep them in place. As you can see a zip lock container came in handy for me.

Tie a string of piece of yarn (this will not be seen so it doesn't matter) around the center of the vase.

Now cover it with your pretty lace. You can use really thick or thin lace.

Next take your twine and wrap it over the top of the lace. Tie a bow over the knot of the lace and make sure it lays nicely.

Now pull your center out and it will be falling all over the place.
Trim the unruly edges but not so much that it goes beneath the top edge of the vase.

The right length will make it so the edges point straight up like so...

Now plug in your trusty glue gun and glue some of the folds around the top edge of the tin. That way you cant see any silver shining through and the burlap sticks close to the top.
Try to keep the natural folds and layering.

Voila! Now add foam or newspaper in the bottom and top with apples or fresh fruit, or you can add some beautiful flowers.

I hope this little fall craft idea brightens your day!

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