Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Super Giant Bubbles- a super fun summer activity!

Last night I went to a family reunion. I knew it would mostly be adults visiting so I thought it would be fun to take an activity for the older kids to do outside. As it turns out, these giant bubbles are so fun for all ages. They are so awesome and seriously enormous! 

Here is the recipe I followed and the tutorial for the bubble wand. I hope you try this cheap and easy recipe that will keep your kids attention for hours! So much fun to do!
Recipe for Super Giant Bubbles
Recipe from: adapted from Happy Hooligans
12 cups distilled water (I imagine tap water would probably work if you don't have distilled)
1 cup blue Dawn Dish soap (non concentrated works best)
2 tablespoons baking powder (not soda)
1 cup corn starch
2 tablespoons glycerin (this can be found in the cake decorating aisle or at your local craft store)

Bubble wand tutorial
2 wooden dowls 4 feet in length, cut in half.
1 package cotton or polyester cord (the heavier cord is needed. I tried using yarn the first time and it tangled up after the first few times.
4 eye hooks
2 flat washers (heavy enough to weigh down the cord)

Mix together all ingredients and make sure they are all dissolved together. Let the mixture sit for at least 1 hour. This is a very important step. After an hour, re-stir the mixture as the corn starch has settled to the bottom of the bowl. Try not to mix too vigorously as to keep it from getting too sudsy and bubbly in the bowl.
Screw the eye hooks into the end of the dowels. You can make the triangle part of the wand as big or small as you want. Smaller for the younger kids is easier. Place the washer on the cord and cut desired length, pulling ends through the eye hooks and tying together on one end. When I first cut the cord, I made the lower part of the triangle, tied it to the eye hooks, and then cut one smaller piece of cord for the top part of the triangle and tied it to both ends. Either way works great. See picture below for visual. 
 Now dip your wand in the mixture, slowly pull out and back up slowly to create a bubble! If the wind is blowing it will pop your bubbles so this recipe is best used on a day with a very light or no breeze.
We figured out if you open your wand and let the bubble start, you can slowly close it to seal the bubble and it will float away! Then re open again for 3-4 more bubbles to come out of the wand! This happens because the rope holds  some of the mixture in it.
The more you use the mixture the better the bubbles get!

This last bubble floated all the way over to the adult table and popped over their heads! 
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