Friday, August 7, 2015

Stay little

I love you in the morning
I love you in the night
I love you when we laugh and play
and when we have a fight
I love you when you're holding worms or tracking dirt inside
I love you when you scrape your knee
and run to me to cry
I love you when you have a cough
or need your milk warmed up
I love you during story time
and when you spill your cup
I love you when you say my name one-hundred times a day
I love it so because I know
 that soon
 these things will go away
Lately I have been trying really hard to be more patient during the times I am surrounded by messes (which is all of the time!) and when I start to feel like I am not everything I should be as a mother. I have no idea how mothers out there accomplish anything with more than two children! I am so busy as it is, I have mad respect for you.
When I think about these busy times being temporary, it makes me really appreciate the simple joys of motherhood, the funny moments, the tender things that they do. When you celebrate small victories and open your eyes to joy and goodness, it will be easy to find.
As Dr Seuss says... "There are so many things you can learn about. But... you'll miss the BEST THINGS if you keep your eyes shut"
Best to look out for the goods stuff!


It was a beautiful rainy afternoon.
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