Tuesday, October 1, 2013

DIY faux Boxwood Wreath


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I have wanted a boxwood wreath for a really long time. I love how they look inside any room in the house, or hanging from your front door.
The one problem is, is that they are so dang expensive (usually $100+).
After noticing a yew shrub at my Mom's house the other day, I realized that it looked very similar to a boxwood leaf and I decided to take the plunge and just try to make my own...
To my surprise, I absolutely love how it turned out. The best part is, it didn't cost me a cent because I had everything I needed at home. I chose to make it really full, but you can make this in any size. This one took me about an hour.
Here's how I did it...
I took some trimming clippers and clipped a few branches from my mothers yew shrub.
Make sure you get a few large, medium and small branches.

I had an old broken wreath in my basement in my "send to DI" pile. Well, lucky for this guy, he has another chance at life. I also had some 30 gage craft wire to help keep the branches in place.

Start stuffing the branches in the same direction all around the wreath. Use some wire to wrap around a few sections to help keep things in place. Then stuff smaller branches over that so it fills in the wreath and covers the exposed wire. You can always use a hot glue gun if you need to.

Keep stuffing and stuffing and filling in all of the areas where the underneath is showing. Make sure to mostly go around in the same direction so it lays nicely. You can trip any unruly branches as you go so it makes a nice circle.

 Before you know it, the whole wreath will be full of beautiful greenery and you can go and hang it somewhere in your home!
If you need something to hang it with, I would recommend using burlap ribbon from the craft store. It comes on a roll so you don't have to cut it. Make a big bow at the top and hang it on your front door! You can also add ornaments or berries or seasonal décor to these wreaths, or they look beautimus as is :)

Normally with the real boxwood, to preserve their green color and keep them fresh, you have to spritz them with water once a week.
I have let this one dry for 2 weeks and I really love how it looks. It has kept is beautiful color so far, and the leaves have a pretty "vintagy" dryness to them.
 Happy wreath making :)
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