Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sparkle and Spiced Apple Cider

Last evening I hosted a little birthday party for my 83 year old Grandmother. I love her and I wanted to make some really special food and yummy tastes for the season. I made up 3 recipes for the party, and nervously served them as I know better than to "test" new recipes out on my guests. To my luck, I think they all turned out great and I really want to share them with you in case YOU are having a fall party of some kind.
RECIPE #1: Sparkle and Spiced Apple cider
I really love this drink, and it is delicious served room temperature, warm or hot. I am a total hot drink lover, so I prefer it hot as can be :)
This is super easy and fast to make, and best of all it will make your home smell so heavenly and inviting for your party.
It makes PLENTY so don't worry about quantity for a party, you're going to have a large pot full.
Here's how I did it...

64 oz container of Apple Juice
1 can of frozen pineapple orange juice
3 cans of water from above can of frozen juice
1/2 can of frozen pineapple juice
1 liter of sprite
2 oranges sliced into thick slices (toss the ends)
2 teaspoons of whole cloves, pressed into orange slices
2 cinnamon sticks
Add the ingredients into a large pot. Heat the cider and stir all together. Add cinnamon sticks and orange slices with cloves pressed in. Let the cider heat on low-medium for an hour or two to really combine flavors.
Note if you are in a hurry, this drink can be made in about 10 minutes and served. That is totally fine, but I find the cloves add more flavor when they have more time to simmer in the pot of cider.
This cider would be lovely poured into a crystal bowl with a glass serving ladle. I think having the fruit float around at the top makes it so beautiful. You could slice an apple in half as well and let them float around in the top.
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