Friday, March 14, 2014

How to make a 5 minute no sew table runner, plus a fun new centerpiece from collections around the house

I love to change my centerpieces up for the seasons. I'm not big on wall décor or setting out a bunch of cluttery trinkets when a new Holiday comes, but I find that a change in centerpiece every now and then is so fresh and fun.
I had some extra fabric that I had ordered to make a few pillows for my bed, and I thought a small strip of it on the table would be so darling. I love the polka dots and the neutral colors. This fabric is upholstery fabric so it has a fun texture and lays nicely.

  I cut a strip about 2 feet by 40 inches. If I had a square or rectangular table, I would probably make the runner longer to go off both ends, but for my round table it fits perfectly centered. I knew I didn't have time (or patience) to get the old sewing machine out today, so I pulled a few strings (literally) and it was done in 5 minutes!
All I did was fray each end and pull about 5-7 strings (as many as you want to make the fray long or short). I imagine as time goes on it will loose a few more here and there, but that just makes it better! If it snags a little half way through, that's ok, just trim it as you go and keep pulling.
This fabric can be found HERE.
As for the centerpiece, I gathered up a few things from around the house. A few pretty plates and a tiny china cream pitcher, a terra cotta planter with a fake thyme herb plant. A vintage book, because exposed book backs and pages make my heart skip a beat, and a pretty doily from Grandma. All on top of a sweet shabby tray found from Vintage Farm Furniture. All other items, thrifted.


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