Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sunrise Yogurt Mixers

I purchased a big container of yogurt this week and this morning decided to invent a new breakfast recipe for my kiddos and I. Instead of plain old yogurt parfaits I thought it would be fun to mix some fresh fruit and flavor the yogurt in the parfaits different flavors. Today we had peach, strawberry and banana. Sounds like the perfect sunrise breakfast right?
It was really delicious and we didn't add any sugar to it. If you are trying to be healthy you could even use Greek yogurt for this recipe!
I hope you like it, my 2 year old thought it looked pretty and you know what? We eat with our eyes first so it was a hit!

Recipe: Sunrise Yogurt Mixers
Recipe source: Emmy in her Element
Vanilla or Greek yogurt
Fresh fruit: we used banana, peach and strawberry.
In your food processor mix 1/2 cup of yogurt with 3/4-1 cup of fruit. Blend until pureed and layer in a glass. Rinse the food processor and start again with another flavor of fruit and the yogurt. I chopped some of the fresh fruit to put on top of the pureed yogurt to show the flavor. Then add a layer of granola.
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