Monday, March 30, 2015

Crafting with kids: DIY butterfly snack bag

Today is day 2 of my week of Easter crafts. Be sure and check in with me on my INSTAGRAM so you don't miss out on any extra goodies I may only post on that account.
I am having so much fun already making extra time to craft with my little ones. If the words "craft" or "DIY" scare you, fear not! These are simple activities that I have my 2 1/2 and 5 year old doing mostly themselves.
I love giving my children reasons to use their imagination and creativity. In this day and age there is so much brain drain with TV, electronics and toys with instant gratification and entertainment.
I love to watch my children's faces as homemade projects come together and they are so proud of their work.
Today we will be making butterfly snack baggies.
Here's what you'll need...

Remember: With a little creativity these butterflies could all look very different! Don't be afraid to improvise with other materials to create something special with left over items you may have laying around your home. HAVE FUN!

If your kiddos are at school, you can whip these treat baggies up and surprise them for an after school snack! Fill the baggies with carrot sticks or apple slices, olives or anything you come up with. Sharing them as a school snack at a class party would be fun too.

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