Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Crafting with kids: easy Easter egg paper art

Welcome to day 3 of my Crafting with kids week, gearing up for Easter this Sunday.
Did you see our paper daffodil flowers or butterfly snack baggies?
My little man has come down with a cold, so we have been spending our mornings around the kitchen table with construction paper, glue sticks, paints, and anything we can find to help us create.
It has been so much fun and it has definitely boosted his spirits.
Today we made some Easter art for the refrigerator, and a small banner with eggs and bunnies.
There are endless possibilities for this art! We used all paper but using ribbons, yarn, watercolor painted paper or finger painting would be so cute as well. Have fun and let your kiddos use their imagination!
Easter egg paper art
Source: Emmy in her Element
Colored paper
glue stick/Elmer's glue
Clothes pins and yarn (if making a banner)
On your first piece of paper, cut a large oval in the shape of an egg. On paper #2, glue strips of paper of all colors in lines across the page. Now flip over your sheet #1 and glue around the back edge of the oval. Flip over and place on top of page #2 so that you can see the paper strips of your egg. Voila! Perfect Easter fridge art.
For the banner, I used the same process but on a couple of my flags I traced a small bunny outline.
Hang with clothes pins and yarn.

Benson was SO proud of his work. I love it too.
I whipped up this little banner with part of the mountain of scrapbook paper that collects dust in my basement (what you didn't hoard scrapbook paper and buy books and books of it on black Friday sales at Joanne's in case the world ended and you had nothing else to do all day but scrapbook? Ahem, oh, me either)

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