Friday, May 23, 2014

DIY herb garden in an old wine barrel

This summer I have been really wanting to learn more about using fresh herbs in my cooking. There are a lot of health benefits and it is so fun to be able to use fresh herbs in your dinners, drinks, or other things such as my rosemary and olive oil roasted vegetables or my rosemary compound butter to add on top of your home grilled steaks... this stuff is so amazing and will make your steaks go from good, to over the moon fancy-shmancy high quality restaurant style... uh yeah, it's that delicious!
I found this old wine barrel and for a while I thought I would use it for flowers but then had a stroke of genius and thought it would be perfect for an herb garden. I bought some potting soil, some rosemary, thyme, basal, and chives. Now that it's finished, I think I will go back for some mint and oregano as well. This pot is right outside my kitchen, so I am always trying to think of ways and I can sneak out there while I am cooking dinner, and snip a few herbs to add in.
After I planted the herbs I felt like I wanted to cutesy it up a little so I took some cream colored toll paint and painted the words "fresh herbs"... I thought it looked adorable until my husband came home and made fun of me for making something look like I was growing marijuana. Awesome.
As it turns out, I still love it and Im keeping it just how it is!
I took some sand paper and roughed it up a bit to help the letters match the old worn barnwood look of the barrel.
My kids love going out and helping water our little herb garden every day. I would highly recommend making yourself one!
NOTE: you can certainly buy fresh herbs in the grocery store, but the are usually pretty expensive. Planting your own gives you the option of using them whenever you want, freezing or drying them for out of season use, and getting them for much much cheaper!
Here is a pic I snapped of the barrel before I painted the lettering.
... and after the sanding...


Rosemary compound butter

Rosemary and olive oil roasted vegetables
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