Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I am Mother.

In my home,
I am baker. I am thrifter. I am saver. I am learner. I am teacher. I am lover. I am reader. I am Doctor. I am washer. I am folder. I am listener. I am worrier. I am organizer. I am table setter. I am crafter. I am dreamer. I am answerer. I am caretaker. I am comforter. I am friend. I am groomer. I am dragon(in more ways than one). I am writer. I am Mother.
 I am Emily.
A few months ago I asked a friend to take pictures of me at work. Someday when my bear cubs grow up they will ask "Mom, what is your job?" I figure since a picture says a thousand words, why not show them.




Let's go ahead and leave out
I am exhausted. I am clipper of toenails. I am potty trainer. I am yeller. I am mean.
Photographer Credit: Molly Landon Photography
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  1. these are just toooooo precious!!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this post!!!!! Your kids sure are lucky to have such an amazing mom!!!! Great pics!!!!!

    1. Thank you Shantel! It was really fun and I am happy to have the keepsake!


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