Monday, November 24, 2014

DIY Christmas Burlap banner

Normally Christmas does not make any kind of appearance until after Thanksgiving at our house. This year? I broke the rules! I couldn't help it, the Christmas spirit got a hold of me early and up the tree went. I have enjoyed it's cozy glow every evening for two weeks now.
I am not much into cluttery décor, this year especially I have cut back and simplified everything.
I do not have a pretty mantle to decorate so instead a made this quick, easy and beautiful burlap banner to hang from my headboard. I love the simple hint of Christmas it adds.
I am going to show you how I did it so you can make one too. Wouldn't this be fun to hand out to friends?

DIY Christmas burlap banner
Idea source: Emmy in her Element
1/4 yard burlap
11/2 yards lace of your choice
Hot glue gun
White or cream craft paint
1 small sponge brush
Cookie cutters or stencil
Cut a triangle out of a small piece of cardboard or cardstock. This will act as your guide to cut all of the banner flags the same size.
I cut about 8 flags for 1 1/2 yards of lace.
Find a cookie cutter or stencil you can use and place in the lower part of the flag. I chose a Christmas tree but a star, train, bulb OR gingerbread man would be adorable! Take your sponge brush and lightly dip it in the paint. Sponge inside of the cookie cutter stencil. I kept mine on the lighter side making it look more rustic and shabby.
Allow these a few minutes to dry.
Heat your glue gun (OR YOU CAN USE A SEWING MACHINE FOR THIS PART) and glue the back of the flags to a pretty lace ribbon.
Hang your banner on your mantle or headboard making a pretty Christmas decoration for any space!
Was the paint off of your cookie cutter if you plan to use it again for baking.
Did you see the burlap banner I made for Halloween? Go here

I love the look of it draped over the headboard my hubby made me!
If you would like to see other pics from my bedroom go here.

It looks like a little munchkin has located the Christmas chocolate count down calendar. Well so much for that idea. I'm not sure hiding it under Mom's covers was the best option.

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