Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dinosaur Birthday Party {On a dime}

My (not so) little Benson turned 5! We had a wonderful birthday, all in Dinosaur theme of course. I wanted to share my ideas with you, in case you have a dinosaur lover at your house!
The invitation:
Designed in pic monkey with free clip art from google.

The cake:
We had a lot of friends and family in our home so I opted to do cupcakes instead of one cake...
These were so easy! Just put frosting in a bag and cut a tiny tip or use a small frosting tip.
The drink:
This is a fun recipe, if you want to skip making anything you can also just use mango tang for a fun orange drink.
Recipe found here

The favors:
Dinosaur eggs. Simply jelly beans and a small baggie, the paper on top was a simple design in word.

The activity:
I found this printable and made copies of it for the kids to color. Just save this to your picture library and print it, or upload to a flash drive and print at staples or office max.
For another activity I planned a fossil dig. I originally wanted this to be in bins or buckets of dirt outside, but since it snowed, we brought up a tote from our basement and filled it with a big bag of rice. I hid the fossils and let the kids dig for them.
These fossil figurines can be found for cheap on Amazon HERE. They are so fun, my son has loved playing with them long after the party.
The Decorations:
Paper Mache dinosaur eggs are so easy, just use equal parts water and flour. Paste the paper on the balloon, let dry. Paint a solid color with a few dots to make it look like an egg.
via pinterest

I also found this fun free printable for masks HERE.
We ended up surprising Benson and taking him to the Dinosaur museum in Salt Lake city (had the place to ourselves!) It was awesome. Pretty sure 5 doesn't get any better than this!

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  1. What a wonderfully fun birthday party!!! This will be one he remembers when he's 50!!!


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