Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Lovely homemade Valentine for pennies + my favorite play dough recipe

Wont you Be Mine
This Valentines day, I wanted to do something special for family and friends, with out spending... well anything. I dug around in my cupboards and scrapbook box after getting a little "pinspiration".  I thought it would be fun to combine a few of the ideas I found, and this is what I came up with...
I love paper bags. Especially when you add a little something special to the front. They are sweet and loving and best of all, dirt cheap to make!
I just used scraps from old scrapbook pages that were cut up. No pattern, just cut simple shapes out however you want. I have a vinyl machine so I cut up some little words that say "WHOO LOVES YOU!?"




I had a few little boys to take a treat to and a few little gals. The bag is filled with little zip locks full of heart shaped play dough. Blue for the boys, and pink for the girls. I thought their mothers might appreciate the 'sugar free' gift since they were probably getting loaded up at school.
GO HERE for my 5 minute play dough recipe.
Next, I needed something for the Adults. Jam and Bread? Sounds great to me. I made some strawberry jam last summer and it is a beautiful red color in the little jar that goes perfect for this Holiday. I took my favorite Betty Crocker Bread recipe (that you see all the time on this site) and instead of making two loaves, I made 3 round smaller loaves.
Right before sticking them in the oven... I had a little stroke of genius. Why not stamp the top with my heart shaped cookie cutters? WHAT A GREAT THOUGHT.
Here they are getting shoved in with a lovely little stamp. :)
 And... 25 minutes later! VoilĂ !


 Started with a big pile of scraps... and some good ideas.... Ended with some delicious bread and jam, cute little gift bags, and lots of Love to share.... for almost no $....
That makes one HAPPY mama, and some very happy recipients of little gifts.
Happy Valentines.
The very best part of this was delivering the goodies and seeing the smiles on the faces we love!
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