Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mini Apple pies

 I love experimenting with food and recipes. Today I decided I wanted to make apple pie, but I didn't want a full pie. I wanted something smaller and with a little more whimsy. I grabbed my cupcake pan, and thought maybe mini pies? Why not?
Roll out your dough, and use a cookie cutter OR (in my case) the lid from my flour jar. It is  4 1/2" in about diameter. That makes for a perfect little circle to fit in the cupcake pan.

I cut out 7 circles and this was just the right amount so that I still had enough left over for the tops of the mini pies. Then grease your cupcake pan, and lightly push them into each cup, leaving the excess dough around the top so that you can attach the lids.
Please forgive my very old and very used cupcake pan... Its not dirty, just old! Its had pam sprayed and baked on to it about a million times. MOMMA NEEDS A NEW PAIR OF PANS PEOPLE!

Next, take a fork and prick the bottoms of the pie shells. This will ensure that they don't puff up during baking, and they will get a nice crispy crust all the way through.

I used a canned apple filling... cheating I know. One jar will fill up 7 mini pies perfectly. I have yet to find a homemade recipe that I absolutely love, so for now I am playing it safe. Semi-homemade is still delish!

Next, roll out the remaining dough. Then take a glass out of your cupboard (mine are about 3 1/4" at the top) and cut 7 tops.

Lightly press the edges of the small circles on the top of your pies... PERFECT FIT. Push toward the center with two fingers. It will make filling go toward the center of the pie instead of squishing out the sides.

I love how rustic they look. THEY DO NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT TO BE BEAUTIFUL!!!

Now you need to take a sharp knife and create a little vent out the top so the steam can release during baking. I also took a fork and pressed a little design around the edges. This will help seal the pies as well. Brush the tops with egg wash (1 beaten egg and a splash of milk or water), and the will be a perfect golden brown when done.

Bake them at 375 Degrees for about 35-40 minutes or until they are golden brown on top.
1 tip I would share: after you brush them with egg wash, be careful to watch the vents to make sure the egg wash doesn't bake a "screen" over them and prevent the steam from releasing. As you can see in my picture, a little of the filling came out the sides because my egg wash baked over my vents. You can open the oven after they have been baking 10 minutes or so and re cut the vents, or make sure they are still open.
 These turned out very country rustic, just what I wanted.

The possibilities are endless with the fillings you could do! Cherry, coconut cream, chocolate, or even a chicken pot pie!! Wouldn't the kids love to have their own little one for dinner?
 I think they would also be fun for a ladies lunch, or a bridal or baby shower.
 I hope you enjoy this idea! p.s. Do you have a favorite apple pie filling? I would love to try your recipe!
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