Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday Morning Puffy Oven Pancake and Breakfast Pizza

My Hubby could hardly wait long enough for me to snap a pic before he dug into this beauty.

 I experimented with this on Saturday morning because I wanted to make something special for breakfast... and quick. I found the recipe in my Betty Crocker Cookbook.

First, put two tablespoons of butter in a pie dish, and heat your oven to 400 degrees. Let the butter melt inside the dish while the oven heats. When it is melted, pull it out and brush the butter up on all sides.

Lightly beat 2 eggs together in a medium bowl with a wire wisk. Beat in 1/2 cup of ALL PURPOSE FLOUR (do not use bread flour, wheat flour, or self rising flour), 1/2 of milk, 1/4 teaspoon salt and lightly mix all together. DO NOT OVERBEAT or pancake will not puff.
Pour into buttered pie dish and bake for 25-30 minutes.
When you pull it out, put it on a plate with some lemons and powdered sugar sprinkled on top.
I added some chopped strawberries for color, and it looked and tasted beautiful.


Making this made me feel like a fancy chef, and my family loved it. It is such a special recipe that you could use for Fathers/Mother's day/Birthday breakfast.

Want to hear about my puffy oven pancake FAIL that turned out to be a breakfast pizza?

The first time I made this recipe it worked perfect.... The second time I made it, I tried it with bread flour. Bread flour has a higher content of gluten making for more dense and heavy bread, so the pancake didn't rise as much as it did with the all purpose. The third time (this morning) I made it with whole wheat flour.  The pancake only bubbled as you can see. I was disappointed when I first saw it, but when I cut a slice, it tasted delicious. I decided to turn it into a "Breakfast Pizza" and slice it, instead of tossing it in the trash. A little creativity can go a LONG way, especially when you have kids.
 What kid wouldn't want pizza for breakfast right?
I still added the powdered sugar, lemon and strawberries. The lemon juice mixed with the sweetness of the sugar and the butter that baked onto the pancake tastes... well.... HEAVENLY to say the least.

Happy experimenting! 
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