Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to trick yourself (and family) into eating healthier

My mom used to always tell me as a teenager, "you marry who you date". If you date jerks, you will marry one. If you date hard workers, you will marry one. Guess what, the same rule goes for food. If you stock your pantry full of chips, Cheetos, fruit snacks and candy, you will eat them. If your fridge has 0 fresh fruits and vegetables in site, you will grab a bag of cookies or eat a bowl of sugar cereal instead because its fast, convenient, and right in front of you.
I'm not saying its bad to have some snacks around the house, but maybe putting them in a harder to find place is a better choice. How about putting the healthier food right in front of you so its easy to see and just as fast to grab as the junk is? You will likely trick yourself and (HOPEFULLY) the kiddos into opening the fridge and picking out something healthy.
Here is what I did in our own fridge to remind us daily to make a healthier choice. So far when my son opens the door and sees the pre-packed little goodie bags, he will grab one and take it with him.
When I am really hungry and just want to be able to grab something fast to eat, I can open the door and I don't even have to wash or cut anything up. When I have a few extra minutes on hand at the end of the day, I restock it for myself and family to grab in a moment when we don't have as much time to prepare a snack.
What do you need?
  • Fresh Fruits and veggies washed and cut.
  • Small zip lock snack bags.
  • Tin foil to place the bags on and write yourself a reminder to "make a healthy choice"
Today on the shelf, peeled oranges, washed grapes, apple slices (Costco packaged those ones for me!) carrot slices, strawberry and raspberry baggies, cheese slices, and baggies of healthy trail mix. If you want my recipe for trail mix GO HERE.

For the pantry: We switched from white bread to wheat. I have always loved wheat bread but my family, no so much. Sometimes husbands and kiddies don't like it, so think about trying part wheat to get them interested. I made a really tasty whole wheat and oat honey pancake that my kids love, want to try it? GO HERE.
Swap pasta and rice for whole grain and brown. I found this great big 12 pound back of organic gluten free brown rice at Costco for $13. It will last us a really long time.
Try replacing sugar cereals for Multi Grain Cheerios, Frosted Mini Wheat's, and Oatmeal.
Save the sugar cereal for a Saturday morning, or special day.
I am no expert on teaching people exactly what to eat or what is best for them, but I do want to share these ideas I am incorporating into my own family to help us be a little healthier every day.
I hope something works for you!
p.s. did you see my post on Eating clean? It gives a few of my favorite sites for beginning to eat healthier. Check it out HERE
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